If you can’t already tell by the title, “West Coast Bias” is our main podcast — kind of like Barstool’s “Pardon My Take.” We’ll obviously talk about sports, but the three of them like to bullshit around and talk about basically anything that comes to mind. From football, to dad bods and everywhere in between, we know you’ll love this. Check out the latest WCB podcasts below:

EPISODE 2 — NFL Playoffs, Betting Badminton, Hot Dogs as Sandwiches, Ariana or Selena?

The three discuss this past weekend’s NFL playoff games and preview Championship Weekend (0:00-16:58). Parodi really wants Antonio Brown on the 49ers (16:58-19:17). Kyler Murray talk (19:17-23:37). Machado and Harper (23:37-27:57). Viva Los Toros where Parodi has a VERY obscure pick (27:57-34:30). Introducing “Rad or Bogus” (34:30-42:06). Is a hot dog a sandwich (42:06-45:40). “Judy Tunes” and some Post Malone talk (45:40-50:55). Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez? Plus a little dream Parodi had about Hannah Montana (50:55-53:49). Judy talks about his makeup use (53:49-54:20). 4th and 10 for Judy (54:20-1:00:01).

EPISODE 1 — The Debut

Parodi, Michaela and Judy introduce themselves(0:00 – 24:09). The three discuss Clemson beating Bama in the CFP Championship (24:09 – 34:52). PLAYOFFS?! Parodi, Michaela and Judy talk about the Wild Card Weekend and the upcoming NFL Playoff matchups (34:52 -47:32). Michaela gives her homer moment with the Chiefs, Parodi gives his with the 49ers and Judy gives his with Mizzou, Cal and the Kings (47:32 – 51:15). Judy and Parodi discuss when they bet on Mexican baseball, ping pong and Icelandic soccer (51:15 – 57:27). The first edition of “Judy Tunes” where Judy says the lyric to a popular rap song that Parodi and Michaela try to guess (57:27 – 1:01:26). Michaela tells us about the latest douche bag that slid in her DM’s (1:01:26 – 1:05:55). Parodi answers the “4th and 10” rapid fire questions from Michaela and Judy (1:05:55 – 1:09:32).