Welcome to Denver Vic Fangio! (And Welcome Back Kubiak)

The Broncos made two power moves this week, hiring Vic Fangio as their head coach and bringing back Gary Kubiak in an offensive coordinator role.

After these moves, I believe the Broncos are a quarterback away from being a contender again.

Denver is obviously looking for a more experienced, distinguished look with these two hires. This older look just goes to prove one thing: the Broncos are looking to win now.

Fangio is perfect for the Broncos, who have an elite duo of pass-rushers, a young, promising secondary and a defense with a chip on its shoulder.

Super Bowl MVPs don’t win one Super Bowl and coast into eternity. Von Miller is hungry and knows what it takes to strap it up for the big game. If Fangio can replicate his format for elite defense from Chicago, the Broncos will again be one of the most feared defenses in the league.

If you’re looking for a mention of Fangio and Khalil Mack, you’re not going to find it here. Von had more sacks, more combined tackles and was much more deserving of a First-Team All-Pro selection than Mack.

Hell, Bradley Chubb was half a sack behind Mack this season and had more combined tackles. Talk about a fucking east coast bias.

On the offensive side, welcome back Gary Kubiak! Kubiak is the man and a legend in Denver after leading the Broncos to their Super Bowl 50 victory. His leadership and experience is perfect for this young squad, while his run-heavy scheme is going to look better than ever with two young studs in the backfield.

I can just see the headline now… “Young Studs Looking to Pound, Score Big Time.” Ah, that’s it.

If the Broncos can make a move this offseason to replace Case Keenum at quarterback (Drew Lock?), this is going to be a team to watch for a long time.

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