Meet the Team

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Jack Parodi — Bay Area

Founder, Graphic Designer, and more things
Twitter: @jack_parodi // Instagram: @jack_parodi

Let’s get right into things.

I love Michelob Ultra, chicken tenders are my favorite food, and I beat an SEC basketball player one-on-one my freshman year at Mizzou. We played to one point, but he started with the ball and in typical 3-and-D fashion, I locked him down and drained a deep triple.

I’m currently a full-time sports writer for a media group in Northern Indiana, but live in Chicago just five houses north of Wrigley Field. I’m originally from the Bay Area in a town just east of Berkeley called Orinda. I then went to the University of Missouri where I studied sports journalism and a little bit of graphic design. I found my passion for making apparel my sophomore and junior years, when I designed t-shirts, jackets and all kinds of merch for my fraternity.

I support the Giants, Niners, Warriors, and Sharks, then inherited the Chicago teams once I moved here.

West Coast Bias originally started as a blog and podcasting platform for my buddies and me. But once we all got full-time jobs and focused on our careers, it kind of died out. I started making random designs on Adobe Illustrator around December 2019 and decided I could turn this brand into a clothing company.

I hope y’all enjoy what we’ve got, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at